Tampa Divorce Mediation Lawyer

As Scott Davis is a Board Certified Marital and Family Law Attorney, he routinely employs mediation as a means to resolve cases, and he has found mediation to be an essential part of any family law case.  Many Florida counties require that mediation be attempted prior to proceeding in court with your family law case.

Mediation can be an effective means of resolving issues such as child custody and establishment of a parenting plan, equitable distribution or the division of your property, as well as alimony, child support, and other issues.  It has been Scott's experience that many if not most cases do resolve at mediation.  Often parties feel mediation gives them greater control over the course taken by their case.

We employ qualified and effective family law mediators whenever possible on our cases and make certain that every effort is exhausted prior to proceeding into further litigation.  But occasionally, circumstances are such that the parties must proceed to trial regardless.  Even in these circumstances, it is common that through mediation the parties are able to limit the issues to be tried in court.  If you have a family law issue and have questions regarding how a Florida Family Law mediator may be able to help, please contact us.