Tampa Enforcement Lawyer

Marital Settlement Agreements are contracts that are typically ratified by a court order. This is also true for other smaller agreements regarding a single issue, such as parenting plans.  Often one party finds it inconvenient to honor the terms of their agreement or court order and find themselves in default.    This situation is serious, and can create liability for any amounts past due, damages created, as well as attorney’s fees and costs made necessary in pursuing enforcement.  Depending on the nature of the violation, a violating party may find themselves in contempt of court and even under arrest.  Given the seriousness of the penalties involved, it is important that a party who finds themselves seeking enforcement of a court order consult with an attorney who can guide them as to the proper procedures under the law.  Having both pursued and defended the enforcement of court orders, Scott is aware of the issues involved and able to assist regardless of the position in which you find yourself. If you have concerns regarding enforcement of a court order and have questions regarding how a Florida Family Law attorney may be able to help, please contact us.