Tampa Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is a very serious matter with potential ramifications involving the criminal justice system, as well as the outcome of any custody matter and may even engender a tort claim within a divorce as a result of injuries.  Parties can be embarrassed or ashamed of what has happened and reluctant to seek help.  When domestic violence has occurred it is often necessary to pursue an injunction to prevent the abusive party from coming into contact with the victim and giving the victim access to a safe place to reside.  A domestic violence injunction can be pursued on behalf of one of the parties of the household or a child of the parties.  Occasionally, allegations of domestic violence are made against innocent parties and require a zealous defense in court.  When a temporary injunction is entered, the parties are given a date to return to court and have a full hearing on the matter in order for the Court to determine if the injunction should remain in place.  It is important to be present and prepared for this hearing, regardless of whether you are seeking an injunction or defending against one.  Scott has worked for both victims of domestic violence and the accused.  Scott is also a former state prosecutor and has many years of defense experience.   If you have been accused of domestic violence or have been the victim of domestic violence and have questions regarding how a Florida Family Law attorney may be able to help, please contact us.